Saturday, July 23, 2011

Locals gather for beer, music at Gin Mill

As soon as I walked in The Gin Mill South End, I felt like I was in an episode of "Cheers."

The smell of wood and whiskey hit me as I walked in the front door and neon Fat Tire and Smithwick's signs caught my attention.

My friend and I were greeted by an older man munching on fried foods as he checked IDs and collected covers at the door. I was taken aback when the man asked for a $3 cover because I wasn't expecting the bar to charge in the middle of the week.

Aside from the draw back of a cover charge, this laid-back establishment seems like a place where old friends come together after work and enjoy live music and a cold beer. Charlotte Catholic football team photos are framed on the walls and other local teams are on plaques hanging near the bar.

The night I visited, two young guys were freestyle rapping on the wooden stage to the right of the bar. They were actually pretty good for an open mic show. They were followed by a local jam band who brought their posse of friends to cheer them on.

We saw all age groups at the bar that night. One interesting man wearing black Adidas pants with an '80s maroon shirt and golfer's hat had to be in his upper 70s. He sat at a table near the stage, sipping a mixed drink and bobbing his head to the music of a performing guitarist. Also that night, a couple in their 50s sat at the corner of the bar and blended in with a few college kids.

The patrons were varied in more ways than age; everyone from University City fraternity guys to artsy NoDa girls and Boone-like hippies were all out for a good time. While most people flocked towards the stage to get seats for open mic night, a few played darts and other games at the back of the venue.

There's also more entertainment located right beside The Gin Mill at Amos' Southend. So those wanting to catch a show at Amos' can hit up the Mill to catch local talent and grab a drink first.

Drink specials the night I visited included $2.50 imported bottles, $4 Wild Turkey and American Honey, and $5 Whippets. Wednesday nights are also open mic nights.

The Gin Mill South End
1411 South Tryon St.
Charlotte, N.C., 28203
Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and also open Sunday.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD. OLD people in a bar. The world is coming to an end! Don't get near them as they may actually teach you something.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your 6th grade teacher must be so proud of the quality of your writing.

ksellinger said...

Wow, your 6th grade teacher must be so proud of the quality of your writing.

Anonymous said...

The Gin Mill is my favorite bar in Charlotte. They only have a cover one night per week for the Acoustic Whiskey Session - aka open mic night. But the first drink is free, which is an important point to make for this night.

Anonymous said...

Fair write-up except that I am curious why you included the cover charge but failed to mention that it includes the first drink.

tozmervo said...

You missed the Roof Deck at the GM entirely. A great escape if you're not into the music.

Anonymous said...

The Kickin' Chicken, for $4 a shot? Outstanding! I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Gin Mill is the best bar in Charlotte!!! No one to have to dress to impress, you can just be yourself. You should have asked for a Fun Dip shot. It is the best shot ever!!! Go back and order one now, you won't be disappointed.