Saturday, July 30, 2011

Solstice Tavern packs full house for trivia

Behind a wall of painted blue brick, bar goers in North Davidson can find a watering hole unique to the Charlotte area.

The night I visited Solstice Tavern, trivia night had this NoDa bar packed with a diverse crowd. Folks ranged in ages from mid 20s to early 60s, a blend of personalities perfect for people watching. My favorite character of the night was a short black man, probably in his 50s. He was rocking a Mohawk, dark aviators, tight black jeans with a long key chain, black combat boots and a sleeveless black tee. The first thing he said to the woman he walked in with was, "do they have liquor?" She moseyed her way to the bar while he made his way to the arcade games at the back of the room.

Drink specials at the tavern on Mondays include $3 Select Drafts; Tuesdays offer trivia and $3 well drinks; Wednesdays offer Red Oak on draft for $3.25; Thursdays are $6 vodka Red Bull's; Fridays are Patron XO shots for $5; Saturdays are $5 Jager bombs; and Sundays are $12 Bud Light and Miller Light buckets and $5 flavored vodka bombs.

Along with drink specials, patrons can also find an affordable menu at Solstice - one of the best I've found on this journey, actually. All items range from $3 to $8, so every budget can dine without breaking the bank. The menu includes dishes like zucchini and squash chips, quesadillas, grouper sandwiches, chef salads and more.

And when the Charlotte heat fades to cooler fall, the enclosed back deck with bright art at Solstice would be the perfect spot to spend the night out with friends.

Solstice Tavern
3221 N Davidson St.
Charlotte, N.C., 28205


Anonymous said...

Solstice has a great patio but terrible beers on tap.

Anonymous said...

Thirsty need to review the Thirsty Beaver, the best bar in Charlotte! And EB's I might add, and the Comet Grill, too.

Anonymous said...

Antother chearleading advertisement? I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! Did your boyfriend go???

Anonymous said...

My only question is this: Trivia at Solstice is on Tuesdays, why was this blog posted on Saturday? I have been to trivia at Solstice every Tuesday for the last 2 months and do not re-call the character she speaks of, especially last week. Trivia is typically busy, but I don’t think she witnessed it firsthand.